Lee Watson - Cranston Engineering
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Lee W trim

Lee Watson

Wellness Coach

Qualifications and Experience

Working as a Health Advisor Lee has experience in Lifestyle Coaching and Behaviour Change. However, his path into wellbeing was not always clear. Initially studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Aberdeen where he graduated with a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree, Lee made the bold decision for a change of discipline. Opting for a Masters in Psychological Studies.

His Masters dissertation was titled “The New Performance PR: Predication and Reflection”, investigating the how personality and other psychological factors influence an individual’s ability to accurately predict how they will perform during a task.

Having initially followed a known pathway in engineering created by his father, Lee decided to forge his own by swapping engineering for psychology, leading to him to work as a health advisor.

Turning his back on such a potentially lucrative career resulted in a lot of scepticism. However, motivation fuelled by passion for the work he is doing rather than materialistic goals are acting as a guide on his journey through mental health awareness and improved wellbeing as a source of prevention rather than a cure.

Personal interests and volunteering

Aside from keeping active, having participated in the Glasgow Schools rowing team as well as football, boxing, rugby and MMA at University, Lee is an avid public speaker. He is currently a member of Aberdeen Toastmasters and has won the District S (Scottish) Humorous Speech contest where he is now competing at the UK/Ireland Level.

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