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Health & Wellness


Supporting the Project Engineer’s Toolkit

Leading & managing projects can be compared to running endless marathons with frequent sprints thrown in just for fun. As your project career is a “marathon,” you must take care of your prime asset: Yourself.

This area of the “Toolkit” will provide  tips, tricks and hacks for ensuring that you are mentally and physically fit for your Project challenges of which there are normally many.

Living Life to the Full

For those who are affected more deeply by the current double whammy of Covid 19 pandemic, low oil price driven job losses and are suffering anxiety, stress or depression we are pleased to advise that we have kindly been given permission to provide a link to ”Living Life to the Full.”

Living Life to the Full for Adults

These are Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resiliency. Work out why you feel as you do, how to tackle problems, build confidence, get going again, feel happier, stay calm, tackle upsetting thinking and more. Courses are free for individuals using them in their own lives. The course has been authored by Dr Chris Williams, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. His main clinical and research interest is in the evaluation of educational self-help approaches based on the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach.

Please note that Cranston Engineering Ltd has no commercial relationship with Living Life to the full/Five Areas Limited and is providing this information and link as a service to website visitors who may wish to access use “Living Life to the Full” self-help material.

Lee Watson Health & Wellness Coach

Having initially followed a known pathway in engineering created by his father, Lee decided to forge his own by swapping engineering for psychology, leading to him to work as a health advisor. Turning his back on such a potentially lucrative career resulted in a lot of skepticism. However, motivation fuelled by passion for the work he is doing rather than materialistic goals are acting as a guide on his journey through mental health awareness and improved wellbeing as a source of prevention rather than a cure.

We now welcome Lee to the team where he will be producing a series of short topical webinars relating to health & wellness.

Health & Wellness Webinars

We plan to issue a series of regular bite size “webinars” which you can access and download via PC, Tablet and phone. The  series will cover:

Series 1 : “Productivity at Home”


      1. Taking Control
      2. Building a Routine
      3. Sticking to a Routine
      4. Managing Expectations
      5. Procrastination

Health & Wellness Blog

Please click here for access to a moderated blog where we would welcome your comments and suggestions what works for you in these challenging times. These will be anonymous unless you wish to use your name.

Find out more about the Project Engineers Toolkit.
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