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Coaching & Training


Supporting the Project Engineer’s Toolkit

A range of additional coaching and training services, listed below, are available to complement the “Toolkit ™”.

Bespoke right size Project Management solutions

Within our team we have the expertise and experience to provide bespoke “right sized” Project Management solutions. Clients often have expert technical and engineering personnel who are required to take on Project Engineering/Management responsibilities. We can assist with an audit of the organisations current project management maturity and can develop cost effective solutions, tools and the all important coaching support until their teams are confident and comfortable with their use.


Implementation of lean principles to knowledge based work processes including:

– Engineering
– Change control
– Close out
– Procurement
– Invoicing

We have expertise and experience in introducing KANBAN on projects and have witnessed improved productivity, more effective communication, increased teamwork and bottom line impact.

project audits

Confidential audit of your project based on detailed pre-agreed criteria providing a recommendations report for improvements.

presentation skills

Good presentation skills are vital in today’s “tighter” marketplace. We can tailor coaching sessions to your requirements and provide both training in technique and constructive feedback to allow you to deliver those winning internal and external presentations.

One to one coaching

Confidential “one to one” coaching in any area covered in Cranston Engineering Services. Our team have extensive experience across the entire spectrum from mentoring graduates as part of their CPD to providing a confidential “sounding board” for Senior Project Engineers & Project Managers.

Coaching follows a hybrid mixture of the GROW and OSKAR techniques from which we have developed our own coaches guidelines.

Development of specific modules

We have access to a wide range of industry specialists and can develop specific training modules to your individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about the Project Engineers Toolkit.